Sew Items

Sewn items can be donated at our office at 2557 106th Street, Urbandale, IA 50322. Please contact us if you have another sewing project in mind that you would like to make. We’ve had groups make tassel tied fleece blankets, patterned boys and girls clothing, blankets and more. Please confirm with our office we are in need of whatever item you wish to ensure we can properly use your sewing project.


Pillow Case Dresses

These dresses are an easy half day project that the kids love.

Download Pattern Here


Rag Doll’s

The girls love the doll’s and if you ever get a chance to come to Africa, you will surly see them wrap them to their backs just like the African women carry their babies.

Download Pattern Here


Eyeglass Cases

At our eye clinics we screen both adults and children and dispense glasses as needed. We also give them a case and cleaning cloth to care for their new free lenses.

Download Pattern Here

Cleaning clothes are simple 5″x5″ cut cotton clothes

Washable Menstrual Clothes

Women and young ladies in South Africa often miss work and school during their monthly menstrual cycle.

These washable clothes, liners, and bags give them freedom and dignity to continue living their lives as normal.

Learn more at Pattern’s designed by them.

Download Drawstring Bag Pattern & Instructions Here

Download Shield Pattern Here

Download Shield Instructions Here

Download Liner Pattern Here

Download Liner Instructions here